About Us

ClassApp:Bio was developed by Dr. Stephanie Halldorson and Professor Helen Rodd, who are experts at helping undergrads get the most out of biology. We saw our students struggle to find and incorporate all the extra information that is needed to really get a grip on biology, get engaged with it, get ahead, and get good grades. We created this app to give simple and quick answers that will get you started and get you out of a jam (3 a.m. and writing up a lab report anyone?).


The app was developed in collaboration with the University of Toronto and the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department at the U of T. There is a section that has links to the University of Toronto (departments, writing labs, etc.), which may not be of much use to someone not there. But we hope that the proceeds from the app will allow us to personalize this section for other universities.

If you buy the app, send us an email to let us know where you are from and we’ll do our best to add links to your university’s departments and writing labs in the next version!

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