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We wanted to fill the gap between textbook and professor.

So we built a toolkit that has quick, accurate answers.

No games, no advertising, no hidden agenda, no gimmicks.

Our simple goal is to make your experience at school easier.

Professor + textbook + ClassApp =

What you need to succeed

Written and approved by professors and students.

“Very useful stuff!! We should all have one of these.”

Anne Houde, Foster G. and Mary W. McGaw Professor in the Life Sciences, Lake Forest College

“I thought this app would be &@* and useless, but I realized how useful it is and how much I would refer to this!”

Student, University of Toronto

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ClassApp:Biology. Your virtual binder.

ClassApp:Bio is a virtual binder of tips and information that your professor probably won’t teach you, but you’ll still be expected to know.  It bridges the gap between high school and first-year biology, and it will remain an indispensable resource throughout all of your undergraduate years.  It is a ‘toolkit’ for undergrads navigating the many requirements for doing assignments: finding relevant journal articles, improving grammar and spelling, citing references, avoiding plagiarism, etc.

Fill in gaps you may not even know you have.

Model organisms. Taxonomy. Classic Papers. Tables and Charts. Grammar. ClassApp:Bio covers the details you didn’t know you didn’t know. Plus there’s plenty of bonus biology highlights, including key definitions, links to cutting edge science news, and the best bio-movie for a Friday night (whether ‘B’ movie or documentary).

For first year and beyond.

We think ClassApp:Bio will become a constant companion throughout your studies as you refer back to it to find answers to science writing questions, directions to more in-depth help, and suggestions for pop-culture books and movies that have been “biologist approved.”

What you need to succeed.

At ClassApp, we believe that each student needs only two things to succeed in a biology class: the textbook and this app. . . oh, and an instructor. Make that three things.


  • I didn’t even know I didn’t know that!
    • What are the different areas of biology?
    • What are model organisms?
    • What are some of the essential definitions I’ll need to know?
    • What do you mean by “taxonomy”?
    • There are a million biology journals! How do I choose what to read when I am researching my assignment?
    • The professor keeps talking about “classic papers.” What are they?
  • Science Reading: I’m lost. I can’t even figure out how to read this article. Help!
  • Science Writing:
    • Umm. Did I just plagiarize? How can I tell?
    • How do I “sound” like a scientist?
    • How do I write an abstract?
    • How do I write a lab report?
    • How do I write a critical review?
    • How do I write an annotated bibliography?
  • Who cares about proofing?
  • The bare necessities: check off the things to do to make sure you assignment is formatted properly
  • Tables and Figures:
    • Excel training . . . I need it now!
    • Tables, photos, illustrations, charts – what is the difference?
    • Where do I put titles and headings?
  • Writing mechanics—quick and easy tips:
    • Grammar
    • Misused words
    • Punctuation
    • Typos
    • Numbers and italics
  • AH! This I need! Advice on how to cite papers in my assignments:
    • What is a citation?
    • What is a reference?
  • Okay. Okay. My paper is due in ten minutes. Just show me how to make a reference list:
    • Journals
    • Books
    • Lab manual
    • Lecture
    • etc.
  • Brain . . . is . . . tired . . . but I still love biology. Please recommend
    • Great documentaries
    • B-movies for a Friday night
    • Great popular reads
  • Brain is not tired – I want more, more, more!
    • Blogs and News
    • RSS feeds to CBC, BBC, and NYT
  • I’m a first-year student. Where do I go to find . . . ? (just University of Toronto for now):
    • Campus maps
    • Blackboard
    • Biology departments
    • Libraries (including One Search easy search engine)
    • Writing labs
    • Workshops
    • ELL resources
    • Career information


  • Use it as a reference guide to get a quick answer to questions about biology, science reading and writing, and getting around at university.
  • Browse it at lunchtime to fill in gaps you didn’t know you had.
  • Embrace it as a tool for learning about and loving biology through RSS feeds, and links to journal articles, movies, and books.


Email us with your thoughts, provocations, and suggestions.



“Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.”

from Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson